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Day of the Dead Shirts

C-3PO Day of the Dead Shirt

Some of you have seen me wearing this C-3PO shirt by Chilean artist Roberto Jaras-Lira and felt all jealous about it, but wipe away those tears--you can get yours here!

I'm also digging this new shirt that he's taking pre-orders for...lots of nice color combos to choose from!
Day of the Dead Shirt

Written by Calavera Company — September 17, 2013

Day of the Dead Wine Bottle Opener

Day of the Dead Wine Opener

I'm pretty excited about my new skeleton/Day of the Dead wine bottle opener! I got mine at a wacky store in Sacramento, but I found it available online here.

Written by Calavera Company — September 16, 2013

Skeleton & Skull Tableware from Pottery Barn


I always pop for a few of Pottery Barn's "Halloween" items because it's the only time I can find skully and skelly house stuff that's made well, i.e., functional, machine washable, and durable. I bought some killer items last year and they've held up.

They added some "Day of the Dead" stuff to their seasonal catalog as well.

So you have these two choices...

1. Buy the items you like now at full price

2. Wait until the Halloween season is over and take advantage of PB's huge discounts (typically 50% off).

I speak from experience when I say that most of their skully and skelly things sell out entirely and very few items are around for the clearance (and items don't come back the following year) don't say I didn't warn you.

Written by Calavera Company — August 07, 2013

Gienchi Skull Studded Shoes

I'm digging these Gienchi black ponyskin shoes with silver metal skull studs. Not sure how I feel about the "deliberately dirtied lace-up front" and "aged rubber soles" when I'm spending hundreds, but they look cute and comfy.

Written by Calavera Company — August 02, 2013

On Aura Tout Vu Skull Purses



Some haute couture skull purses showed up on the runway in Paris in the On Aura Tout Vu show a few days ago.

Written by Calavera Company — July 06, 2013